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Acoustic Test Standards

Changes in Acoustic Test Standards

For many years laboratory acoustic sound insulation tests have been conducted to BS EN ISO 140 series of test standards.

  • Part One – Laboratory Requirements
  • Part Two – Repeatability and Reproducibility
  • Part Three – Laboratory Airborne Sound Insulation
  • Part Four – Field Airborne Sound Insulation
  • Part Six - Laboratory Impact Sound Insulation
  • Part Seven – Field Impact Sound Insulation

… and on

These test standards are gradually being re-written and re-structured in order to improve consistency of layout with other types of Test Standards. The initial focus has been solely on the Laboratory Test Standards

The BS EN ISO 10140 series of test standards is mainly a restructured version of the BS EN ISO 140 Laboratory sound insulation standards which through future amendments will incorporate other relevant associated standards as necessary and developed Test Codes.

  • Part One – Application rules for specific products (Test Codes)
  • Part Two – Measurement of Airborne Sound Insulation (Laboratory)
  • Part Three – Measurement of Impact Sound Insulation (Laboratory)
  • Part Four – Measurement procedures and requirements (basic techniques)
  • Part Five – Requirements for test facilities and equipment

The content of the 10140 Test Standards is largely unchanged from the older 140 Test Standards except for some minor technical additions. In the BTC, testing conducted to comply with the BS EN ISO 10140 Test Standards will also still meet the requirements of the old BS EN ISO 140 Test Standards. We have chosen to maintain UKAS accreditation to both test standards. In this way we believe that we can help support our customer’s needs in the transitional years.

This news article will be updated as and when the other BS EN ISO 140 test standards are released in their new formats