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Fire Resistance refurbishment

During the summer of 2012, the fire resistance laboratory was shut down for 6 weeks to allow for a major refit of the LPG compound.

This included the gas tanks supplying the laboratory being removed and replaced with one large tank in a new compound area. The vaporisers were removed and taken off site for a full service.

New gas supply pipes were installed to meet current safety regulations. A new vaporiser control panel with pneumatic automatic shut off valves was installed in the fire resistance laboratory.

During the shutdown all gas burners on the full scale furnace were stripped, cleaned and reinstalled with upgraded interlocks and safety controls.

A new computer system & control console was also installed into the fire resistance control room. All existing computers, control desk and wiring from the furnace to the control room were removed. New PC’s for furnace data logging, control, video recording and system fault notification were installed.

The fire resistance force loading equipment was also renewed with a new, simple to operate system. The existing system with electronic valves and solenoid controls were all removed and replaced with a new hydraulic pump which is controlled from the main fire resistance control computer.