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15m Structural Testing Rig
15m Structural Testing Rig


Structures Laboratory

A structural test facility has been in existence at East Leake for over 25 years. The present structural test facility is genuinely unique with no comparable facility available within the UK or Europe. The facility was purpose built in 1987 in order to test and evaluate the strength and robustness of lightweight building techniques. The test laboratory features a main test rig which can accommodate test specimens up to 14.5m high. The facility is predominantly utilised for conducting BS 5234 and ad hoc loading tests or for evaluating new building techniques or methods.


We offer -

  • BS 5234 Part 2 partition grading
  • BS 5234 Optional extras
  • BS EN 594:1996 Racking Resistance
  • Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL)
  • BS 947 Vertical Door Load

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