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The Acoustics Laboratory was purpose built in 1967 in order to meet the challenges posed by lightweight construction techniques. The laboratory has a wall test suite, a floor test suite, and a reverberation room. The laboratory has over 40 years of experience and still leads the way in building acoustics excellence.

From left to right:

Matthew Harrison (Scientist), Duncan Credland (Laboratory Leader), Stephen Vickers (Craft Technician), Victoria Hall (Laboratory Leader), Yasmin Latif (Section Manager) James Stonell (Senior Scientist) and John Gwynne (Senior Craft Technician).


A Structural test facility has been in existence at East Leake for over 25 years and the facility was purpose built in 1987 in order to test and evaluate the strength and robustness of lightweight building techniques. The test laboratory features a main test rig which can accommodate test specimens up to 14.5m high. The testing comprises a series of tests which examine the partition systems suitability for a given partition duty. Each test method is specific for the duty grade required and has strict acceptance criteria.

From left to right:

Stephen Vickers (Craft Technician), Duncan Credland (Laboratory Leader), James Stonell (Senior Scientist), Victoria Hall (Laboratory Leader), Matthew Harrison (Scientist), John Gwynne (Senior Craft Technician and Yasmin Latif (Section Manager).

Physical Testing

In our temperature and humidity control lab we are able to carry out a number of different tests on plasterboard and these include Flexural strength (expressed as flexural breaking load), Dimensions and determination water absorption of boards. The Building Test Centre has the capability to do small scale loading tests utilising a Zwick universal loading machine. The machine allows both tension and compression loading to be evaluated. The machine has also a variable rate of loading. The flexibility of the universal loading machine means that it can be adapted to replicate the majority of loading conditions.

From left to right:

James Stonell (Senior Scientist), Duncan Credland (Laboratory Leader) and Victoria Hall (Laboratory Leader).

From left to right:

Lindsey Watson (Laboratory Leader), Paul Miller (Fire Test Manager), James Lucas (Technical Manager), Ryan Skilton (Laboratory Leader) and Adam Richardson (Building Test Centre Manager).

Fire Resistance

The Fire Resistance laboratory features a main furnace capable of testing partitions, doors, floors and ceiling systems.

Matthew Porter (Principal Scientist) & Beth Kelliher (Senior Scientist).

Back row Left to Right:

Oliver Thompson (Scientist), Joel Puttick (Scientist), Denis Bradshaw (Scientist), Liam Woodford (Scientist), Yahya Fall (Scientist), Christian Slee (Scientist).

Front row Left to Right:

William Pikett (Scientist), Sandeep Patel (Scientist), Rebecca Felstead (Scientist), Yasmin Hickling (Scientist), Natalie Burke (Scientist), Rebecca Sweeney (Scientist)

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